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                     New Homes Gallery

Opal settled in brilliantly and loves living with her new family & all the other cats


Indiana is having a wonderful time living with his new family


Anya has fitted in nicely with her new family, their dog & all their other cats


Lilly definately gets involved in all the family goings on!


Sensai & Smokey looking very relaxed in their new home


Pearl went to live with her sister Opal from a previous litter (seen above)


 Aurthur on his 1st Birthday

This cute pair Boris & Polly have become local celebrities

Bramble the explorer

 A very contented looking Mr. Messie

Cheeky, fluffy Gizmo

Lily & Lola a lovely spotty pair of sisters

Mable loves a roam in the garden

Malou a real madame!!

 Max settled right in...


Mr. Chuff  loves his cuddles-bless!

Mr. Tibbs


 Oscar couldn't look more relaxed in his new home



 'Snowflake' and dosn't she look like one?


Thomas loves to sllep in the sink - lol!