Breeder Specializing in Silver British Shorthair Cats

                      Kitten Gallery

                   6 Newborn Beauties                                                What big paws you have


                           2 is company...                                                Dinner Time - Yummy!!!


                            Snug as a bug                                                                A bit wobbly!


                  Snuggle with Mum                                                                 Got it!!


                    What a cutie!                                                                I'm flying


                         I've got a mouse!!                                                           Dancing kitten


                  Tiny kitten cuddle                                                    Amongst the Greenery


                                      I'm shy                                                                     Boing.....


               Can I shake your hand                                                        Give us a kiss!

               Please don't squeeze me too hard                                 Is someone out here?


                     This is my seat                                                Upside down kitty