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Reply Lorraine Wilson
6:49 AM on September 21, 2018 
Had our beautiful little girl Meredith (Kokora) for 11 days now, and she is just the sweetest little thing! A little purr machine, she especially likes belly rubs and treats ;) She has settled in beautifully and is such a pleasure to have in the house, thank you again Nicki for letting us adopt her! xx
Reply paul h
11:36 AM on December 30, 2017 
We've had Thibault for 10 days and we couldn't of asked for such a beautiful kitten. Very affectionate, great fun, a real character. Thank you Nicki !
Reply Lisa Sidwell
4:23 AM on December 28, 2017 
Thank you so much for our kittens Simba (Jitterbug) and Bonnie (Jubilee) they have settled in so well its as if they have always been here. They are so adorable with both us and each other they are so playful and so cuddly and affectionate, the most perfect kittens. They win everyone over and we are so thrilled to welcome them to our family. It's so clear they have been brought up with so much love and care from you and your family and this is no doubt the reason they have settled so well, thank you xx
Reply Jodie A Andrews
10:59 AM on December 21, 2017 
We picked our little kitten up yesterday, and she is beautiful. She has settled in so well at home already, so we can tell she been handled well while she is young. she is so funny, into everything and so playful, but so loving and is loving her cuddles with us already. Thank you Nicki for all the info on caring for her as she is our first kitten. We will keep you posted with lots of pictures and stories!x
Reply Jean Brooks
12:00 PM on October 8, 2017 
Thank you for our little Jasmine.
She is so affectionate and friendly, couldn't of wished for such a nice kitten.
Full of mischief and makes us laugh. Need to have eyes in the back of your head!
It's worth it as she is so adorable.
Reply Ruth
6:03 PM on October 4, 2017 
We are all so excited to have met the boys that will be joining us in a few weeks time. Kids were so excited i think they have only just got to sleep.

Thank you

Reply Kerry Presccott Brann
10:14 AM on July 28, 2017 
Thank you so much Nicky (and family) for helping us have simply the best and most adorable kittens- we are all so happy! We picked Marshmallow and Flump up end of June (brother & sister), and from the minute they came into the house, they have been playful, sociable, loving and have just made it so easy for us all. The boys are totally besotted with them and they entertain us constantly with their playfulness and curiosity.....!. From the word go they ate, used the litter tray, were adventurous and have handled new people so well - amazing and all testament to the hard work, effort & love I know you put in. The kitten pack was hugely helpful and the food provided an extra help. Thank you Nicky and would recommend any our your kittens 100%.
Reply Megan Smith
7:46 AM on July 13, 2017 
We picked up our silver spotty kitten, Monty, around 2 weeks ago and we couldn't be happier!! He has the best little personality and loves tummy tickles, as well as climbing up my legs which I don't love so much :o) We was so pleased with the services which we received from you along with your professional advice. Thank you so very much!
Reply Jane Bates
4:49 AM on November 29, 2016 
We are loving our wonderful kittens Monty 4 months (smoke tabby Inkblotz) and Alfie 3.5 months (silver tabby Isaac). They have the most lovely personalities, happily lying on their backs for tummy tickles and seeking our company for cuddles. They are also inseparable companions up to all sorts of kitten mischief - who knew headboards were climbing frames?!
Reply Susanne Meier
2:25 PM on November 21, 2016 
We have had Imani ( Saffy ) who is three and a half months for nearly three weeks here at home. She is a delight , a bundle of energy, a bundle of mischief and is very lovable . She was rather tentative for a couple of days but then took over the home and us . Many thanks .