Breeder Specializing in Silver British Shorthair Cats

                        About Us


We have always had cats but when I bought Poppy our British Shorthair x Persian Chinchilla as a pet for my daughter I was so taken with her temperament and looks compared to the average moggie that I started to look in to the world of the pedigree British Shorthair.  

I then decided I really wanted to become involved with this stunning breed and we are now fortunate enough to have our own georgeous British Shorthairs and I have now been breeding for over 15 years!

My thanks go to Ursula Graves 'Sargenta' and Gina Brown 'Graygees' who were both kind enough to help me get started with these fantastic cats.  

We enjoy showing our cats when we have the time which is great fun, especially when you win!

Our cats live indoors most of the time and are very much part of our family.  We also have runs outside so they can have a jump about, get some fresh air, watch the birds and play around and enjoy the sunshine.


Our kittens being reared in our home get used to all the normal family goings on.  They are handled by the children, socialise with the other cats and learn to accept noises such as the washing machine and hoover.


You can see the kittens we have for sale on our kittens page.

I also breed and show pedigree rabbits which I have done for many years.  It is a great hobby and one my two children are also happily involved in.  If you are interested in rabbits or thinking of buying one as a pet, feel free to have a browse of my other website: http://www.springfieldrabbits.co.uk